Quiver Messaging App

Role: iOS Developer
  * Swift
  * Coded core UI screens including messages, profile, and settings.
  * Coded managers to connect to API endpoints and sqlite local store.
  * Cocoapods: AlamoFire, SwiftyJSON, Crashlytics

battle battle battle

Villanova Wildcats App
(app no longer available)

Client: OneUp Sports
Role: Sr. iOS Developer
  * Developed standings, scores, and social media tabs
  * Objective-C
  * Restful consumption of JSON endpoints
  * UIKit / Cocoa / Cocoa Touch
  * Auto-layout


Big Break iPad Game for Autistic Children
download for iPad

Client: EmotePlay Inc.
Role: Lead iOS Developer

  * Objective-C / Xcode 6
  * UIKit / Cocoa Touch
  * AVFoundation for recording and merging video and audio
  * Storyboard scaffold with programmatically created layouts
  * Interaces with AFFDEX, an api for emotion recognition
  * External XML for text and game config
  * NSUserDefaults for storing game status
  * Quartz Core for custom segue and animation


PoweringUp Braintraining iPad and iPhone App

Client: MyBrainSolutions
Role: Lead Developer

username: pizmonaut@gmail.com
password: 1zippy1

  * Facebook integration
  * New user account creation in-app
  * Universal app for iPad and iPhone
  * In-app purchasing
  * User data tracking



Employer: Pearson Publishing
Role: Developed core features, including UI system, episodic content and mini-games.


Battle Game Prototype
video (Playable version available on request)

Client: Kabam
Role: Programmed game using AS3IsoLib game engine.


Word Bubbles Rising
play game (registration required) | video

Employer: Lumosity.com
Role: Programmed and co-designed game.


Treasure Time Facebook Game
(Game no longer available on FaceBook)

Client: Social Express
Role: Coded core game display engine.